high pay of burberry’s officials has been opposed by shareholders

At the end of last month, the two investor advisory bodies issued a warning to the British company, calling on investors to oppose the UK’s largest luxury goods group’s pay report on management. The two institutions, the IAEA and Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), which are putting pressure on the Burberry PLC Boppel Group, are said to affect about one quarter of the Burberry PLC Boppel Group shareholders. At the shareholders’ meeting, Pensions & Investment Research Consultants (“Pirc”) also joined the pressure team.

Although the 2017 fiscal year Burberry PLC Bo Bo Li performance continues to regress, but the group chief executive officer, chief creative officer Christopher Bailey’s salary has increased by 84% to 3.5 million pounds, including 1.4 million pounds of shares reward. Under investor pressure, although Christopher Bailey is about to step down next week, he will receive a stake of about £ 10.5 million in 60 million shares, which was part of his reward of 100 million shares in 2013. The annual salary after his resignation was still at the previous level of £ 1.1 million, in line with the upcoming CEO Marco Gobbetti.

ISS said that Christopher Bailey’s pay itself is higher than the average salary of the FTSE 100 FTSE 100 listed company CEO, which is unfair to its additional £ 5.4 million incentive, which is also dissatisfied with the current chief operating officer and chief financial officer Julie Brown Of the salary, that the company her medical technology company Smith & Nephew PLC (SN.L) from the 4 million pounds of equity incentive and 550,000 cash compensation is too expensive.

Under the pressure of institutional groups, Burberry PLC Bo Baili announced last month that Julie Brown has given up 75% of the former company’s equity incentive. Group Chairman John Peace also continued to maintain management pay, said Julie Brown returned to the former owner’s equity incentive to prove its open-minded, and said Julie Brown’s participation is not due to Burberry PLC Bo Bo Li provided cash compensation.