Burberry former executives has taken charge of topshop

On July 19, Canadian luxury outdoor brand Canada Goose announced that the former French luxury brand Chanel CEO Maureen Chiquet will be nominated as an independent director of the board of directors. The appointment will be presented at the Canada Goose Annual General Meeting in Toronto on August 15th.

Maureen Chiquet graduated from Yale University in 1985 with a bachelor’s degree in literature and art. In the same year, she started her career in L’Oreal Paris. Then joined the US clothing retailer Gap, helped launch the sub-brand Old Navy, and served as president Banana Republic. In 2003, she joined Chanel as US Chief Operating Officer and President. In 2007, Chanel internal reorganization she served as Chanel global CEO, responsible for the regulation of brand business and global business development.

Maureen Chiquet left Chanel in 2016, focusing on writing, speaking and developing new leadership. She writes the book “Beyond the Label: Women, Leadership & Success on Our Own Terms” and speaks public topics about women’s leadership and the importance of studying humanities at university. She is also a member of the New York Institute of the Arts and her alma mater Yale University.