Burberry undoubtedly has a wealth of retail management experience

Even the product is the same. Some observers believe that the Burberry leadership-led brand “clean” action, despite a great success at some level, has created a constraint on creativity that limits its ability to create novel and desirable products. Others say that focusing on digital innovation actually distracts. With other brands have also launched their own digital products, Burberry’s digital marketing is the diminishing return.

In 2014, Ahrendts was hired by Apple to take charge of its retail plan, while the fashion industry and financial markets surprised the move was Bailey was appointed chief creative officer and chief executive officer. Since then this proved to be less sensible: on the one hand, this new dual role seems to undermine Bailey’s ability to focus on the product. Under his leadership, Burberry’s revenue and profit growth both fell. In the fiscal year ended March 2017, the company’s revenue fell 2% and operating profit fell 21%.

Nevertheless, under the leadership of Bailey’s dual role, Burberry has made some progress: from the second half of 2015 the company’s huge brand hierarchy to integrate and reduce costs began to begin transition to the new operation and creative model; Bailey took the lead The main market players, including Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, quickly followed the pace; creativity, he also switched to a new conference venue, fashion series also do more esoteric, not Then commercialized.