Burberry brand new My Burberry flower lady perfume

Burberry My Burberry My Bo Bo Li Fei Fei lady perfume fresh listing, interpretation of the feminine atmosphere of charming fragrance. As a new member of the My Burberry family, My Burberry My Bo Bo Li Fei Fei Fei perfume by the well-known incense master Francis Kurkdjian effort to build, by Burberry chairman and chief creative director Christopher Bailey as creative guidance, the release of fresh and bright fragrance , To express self-confidence and fun vitality of life attitude. British actress Lily James portrait interpretation of advertising large, by Mario Testino palm shot.

The first ray of light gently wake up sleeping in the London garden, flourishing flowers gradually bloom vitality. My Burberry My Bo Bo Li Fei Fei Fei perfume from the inspiration, from the sweet pomegranate flowers and fresh lemon incense open vitality before the tune, elegant rose petals and sweet apple fragrant constitute a drunk tone, and finally by intoxicating jasmine fragrance and quiet vine Floral interwoven constitute a pleasant end.

Fragrance bottle to create a delicate soft atmosphere, echo the perfume itself passed the self-confidence and vitality. Bottleneck decorated with hand-tied cotton Ga Baadian ornaments, and inspiration from the classic coat on the buttons of the horn texture of light-colored caps, highlight the Bauberly fragrance of the iconic design elements, praise Thomas Burberry invented more than a hundred years ago Anti-rain fabric. My Burberry Blush Flower Fragrance 90ml, 50ml and 30ml will be a grand landing Burberry official website and the world’s specific Burberry boutiques and retail stores.

Like the first launch of My Burberry My Boberry Perfume, My Burberry My Bo Bo Li Eau De Toilette and My Burberry Black My Bo Bo Li black fragrance, the customer can through Burberry.com, designated boutique shops and wholesalers stores My Burberry My Bo Bo Li Fei Fei Fei perfume 90ml loaded with a private mark service, for the bottle engraved up to three names abbreviated letters.

With the new My Burberry my Bo Bo Li Fei Fei lady perfume co-listed, but also includes elegant pink and soft nude color series of new products. Including limited edition color plate, gently touch to create a flawless makeup, showing pink sweet luster. The delicate formula for the cheek presents a natural crimson luster, suitable for all skin color. Color plate easy to use, but also according to customer preferences and other products with the use.