Italian craftsman hand made burberry DK88

Burberry since the first time in the brand held in London in 2017 February fashion show launched DK88 package models, held in the global boutique series of activities to celebrate the collection of this section of the collection. Recently, the brand invited Italian craftsmen to come to Chengdu IFS international financial center boutiques, on-site manual interpretation of DK88 handle handbag exquisite details and craftsmanship to show the British timeless elegance.

DK88 package name from Burberry iconic fabric “honey color Gaibadian” fashion code, designed to praise the symbol of the brand core of the classic fabric. Leather exclusive selection of exclusive brand exclusive exclusive luxury Trench leather carefully built to windbreaker weave code on the timeliness of the British elegance, with colorful tones filled with new season vitality. The classic design of the package into the brand collection series, a new landmark products.

The series is designed in the UK London, Made in Italy. Which DK88 handle handle for the main style of the series, noble retro color design, dotted with large style lock and three-dimensional arc handle, the perfect interpretation of the meaningful and modern innovation of the thick British style.