high pay of burberry’s officials has been opposed by shareholders

At the end of last month, the two investor advisory bodies issued a warning to the British company, calling on investors to oppose the UK’s largest luxury goods group’s pay report on management. The two institutions, the IAEA and Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), which are putting pressure on the Burberry PLC Boppel Group, are said to affect about one quarter of the Burberry PLC Boppel Group shareholders. At the shareholders’ meeting, Pensions & Investment Research Consultants (“Pirc”) also joined the pressure team.

Although the 2017 fiscal year Burberry PLC Bo Bo Li performance continues to regress, but the group chief executive officer, chief creative officer Christopher Bailey’s salary has increased by 84% to 3.5 million pounds, including 1.4 million pounds of shares reward. Under investor pressure, although Christopher Bailey is about to step down next week, he will receive a stake of about £ 10.5 million in 60 million shares, which was part of his reward of 100 million shares in 2013. The annual salary after his resignation was still at the previous level of £ 1.1 million, in line with the upcoming CEO Marco Gobbetti.

ISS said that Christopher Bailey’s pay itself is higher than the average salary of the FTSE 100 FTSE 100 listed company CEO, which is unfair to its additional £ 5.4 million incentive, which is also dissatisfied with the current chief operating officer and chief financial officer Julie Brown Of the salary, that the company her medical technology company Smith & Nephew PLC (SN.L) from the 4 million pounds of equity incentive and 550,000 cash compensation is too expensive.

Under the pressure of institutional groups, Burberry PLC Bo Baili announced last month that Julie Brown has given up 75% of the former company’s equity incentive. Group Chairman John Peace also continued to maintain management pay, said Julie Brown returned to the former owner’s equity incentive to prove its open-minded, and said Julie Brown’s participation is not due to Burberry PLC Bo Bo Li provided cash compensation.

Burberry former executives has taken charge of topshop

On July 19, Canadian luxury outdoor brand Canada Goose announced that the former French luxury brand Chanel CEO Maureen Chiquet will be nominated as an independent director of the board of directors. The appointment will be presented at the Canada Goose Annual General Meeting in Toronto on August 15th.

Maureen Chiquet graduated from Yale University in 1985 with a bachelor’s degree in literature and art. In the same year, she started her career in L’Oreal Paris. Then joined the US clothing retailer Gap, helped launch the sub-brand Old Navy, and served as president Banana Republic. In 2003, she joined Chanel as US Chief Operating Officer and President. In 2007, Chanel internal reorganization she served as Chanel global CEO, responsible for the regulation of brand business and global business development.

Maureen Chiquet left Chanel in 2016, focusing on writing, speaking and developing new leadership. She writes the book “Beyond the Label: Women, Leadership & Success on Our Own Terms” and speaks public topics about women’s leadership and the importance of studying humanities at university. She is also a member of the New York Institute of the Arts and her alma mater Yale University.

Mr. Ma, CEO of Tencent, has saved burberry’s business by his own company’s wechat

Recently, the value of 15600 ocean Burberry DK88 bag sold in full swing! Maybe they want to thank the WeChat. Burberry’s latest performance data show that as of June 2017, sales revenue in the first quarter ended up, to 478 million pounds (about 4.79 billion Hong Kong dollars), an increase of 3%. They indicated that the recovery in performance was mainly driven by the improvement of the Mainland and Hong Kong markets, with the mainland market benefiting mainly from the increase in sales of electricity, especially microphones.

WeChat as one of the country’s largest social software, naturally hope that in the online retail sector a share. Experienced a three-year dilemma Burberry, 2016 to 2017 fiscal year in addition to 2% of sales, net profit even more out of 21%. To control costs, many stores to close down, streamline the product line, but also at the sale of beauty business. Analyst KenOdeluga once said that most of the stores are concentrated in the physical store to sell products, coupled with online fake, Burberry positioning in the WeChat sales are strategic deployment.

Although the habit of buying luxury goods in the micro-letter is not yet popular, but Tencent to attract high-end brand moves, is undoubtedly declared war on Alibaba, confirming the spread of China’s Internet competition war. This year, WeChat to attract more big, released a multi-media advertising, but also for the establishment of micro-shop to provide a more smooth road. Tencent president Liu Chi-ping has said that WeChat in the commercial field will become more and more important.

Thanks to the WeChat greatly, Burberry during the global market, electricity business revenue increased by 40% year on year, the mainland market sales more doubled year on year. This is mainly because the WeChat marketing for Burberry increased by 3 times the amount of consumer coverage, coupled with the mainland visitors to pick up, so that the business in Hong Kong has improved.

As for the worst, the US market, which has been seen as the main driver of growth, is no longer the only place where sales have fallen. As for the British market, the pound fell. Burberry expects the fiscal year will continue to reduce the wholesale and franchise sales, increase the sales channels, is expected this year’s performance can continue strong.

Topshop’s New CEO is from Burberry

Group founder Philip Green Philip Green has been appointed for the past nine years has served as the luxury goods group Burberry Group PLC (BRBY.L) Bobberry chief commodity officer Paul Price for the Topshop / Topman business CEO, he will be in September 4 day official new. Last weekend, Arcadia Group Ltd. and Taveta Investments Ltd., a holding company of the Philip Green family, also appointed director of the company, Karren Brady, who has 25 years of experience in soccer club operations as chairman of the board.

Paul Price will take over the 11-year-old Mary Homer of Topshop’s general manager and will be the manager of Topman’s general manager, Philip Cooke. Mary Homer joined the brand in 1987, resigned in March this year, will quit the British home brand The White Company as CEO.

Philip Green expressed confidence that “Paul will lead Topshop / Topman into a new phase of global acceleration and expansion.” Karren Brady also said “very much looking forward to Paul to join the team.”

American Paul Price at the top luxury goods department store Bloomingdale’s start fashion retail career, he also served Lucky Brand Jeans and Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS) Gaupu Group’s Banana Republic Banana Republic. Industry claims that Paul Price’s appointment was led by Leonard Green & Partners LP, a Los Angeles private equity firm with 25% stake in Arcadia Group Ltd.

Burberry undoubtedly has a wealth of retail management experience

Even the product is the same. Some observers believe that the Burberry leadership-led brand “clean” action, despite a great success at some level, has created a constraint on creativity that limits its ability to create novel and desirable products. Others say that focusing on digital innovation actually distracts. With other brands have also launched their own digital products, Burberry’s digital marketing is the diminishing return.

In 2014, Ahrendts was hired by Apple to take charge of its retail plan, while the fashion industry and financial markets surprised the move was Bailey was appointed chief creative officer and chief executive officer. Since then this proved to be less sensible: on the one hand, this new dual role seems to undermine Bailey’s ability to focus on the product. Under his leadership, Burberry’s revenue and profit growth both fell. In the fiscal year ended March 2017, the company’s revenue fell 2% and operating profit fell 21%.

Nevertheless, under the leadership of Bailey’s dual role, Burberry has made some progress: from the second half of 2015 the company’s huge brand hierarchy to integrate and reduce costs began to begin transition to the new operation and creative model; Bailey took the lead The main market players, including Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, quickly followed the pace; creativity, he also switched to a new conference venue, fashion series also do more esoteric, not Then commercialized.

what is burberry’s next????

Now, from the US businessman Rose Marie Bravo drafting agreement, will be a classic wear-resistant trending windbreaker into the famous British traditional luxury brand Burberry, has been 20 years, then, the brand because of its iconic design grid was Chavs, who are usually born in the British working class, are dressed in a body, and are branded in a cake mold, foot pad, apron, and brand value is severely diluted. Bravo in 2001 invited Tom Ford, Donna Karan designer Christopher Bailey in charge of Burberry creative power, and in 2006 appointed Angela Ahrendts as his successor, and Ahrendts and Bailey worked together in Donna Karan get to know.

Over the next eight years, Ahrendts and Bailey proved to be a pair of excellent powers with two groups. They jointly clean up the business, buy back the right to operate, will Burberry into a trusted luxury brand, some of which also include restrictions on the company’s abuse of the brand. During their tenure, Burberry became the star of the global luxury goods industry. As of 2011, Burberry revenue of 1.5 billion pounds, up 27% over the previous year, the market value of 5.8 billion euros, LVMH Group (LVMH) over the same period revenue and market growth rate of twice.

At the same time, Burberry smart digital strategy has also been recognized. The famous “Art of the Trench” program became the street-born street style of the 1920s – invited the street shooter The Sartorialist photographer Scott Schuman, a consumer community wearing Burberry trench coat Shooting style. The brand is one of the first luxury companies to use social media and online community forces.

Following the Burberry and Gucci LV also launched in China’s own electricity business

Following Gucci, Louis Vuitton became the second announced this month, self-built electricity business luxury big. From last Thursday, people just click on www.louisvuitton.cn, you can buy clothes, bags, shoes, small leather goods, watches, accessories, jewelry, suitcases, writing tools and perfume and other products across the board.

In order to fit the consumption habits of the local market, all the online payment of Chinese consumers will be paid through the third party payment platform to complete, the future will soon try to increase UnionPay and WeChat payment.

But at present, LV self-operated commercial city has not covered the whole country, only 12 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Dalian, Harbin and Wuhan. However, LV said in the statement that the rest of the city will continue to keep up with the future.

Burberry brand new My Burberry flower lady perfume

Burberry My Burberry My Bo Bo Li Fei Fei lady perfume fresh listing, interpretation of the feminine atmosphere of charming fragrance. As a new member of the My Burberry family, My Burberry My Bo Bo Li Fei Fei Fei perfume by the well-known incense master Francis Kurkdjian effort to build, by Burberry chairman and chief creative director Christopher Bailey as creative guidance, the release of fresh and bright fragrance , To express self-confidence and fun vitality of life attitude. British actress Lily James portrait interpretation of advertising large, by Mario Testino palm shot.

The first ray of light gently wake up sleeping in the London garden, flourishing flowers gradually bloom vitality. My Burberry My Bo Bo Li Fei Fei Fei perfume from the inspiration, from the sweet pomegranate flowers and fresh lemon incense open vitality before the tune, elegant rose petals and sweet apple fragrant constitute a drunk tone, and finally by intoxicating jasmine fragrance and quiet vine Floral interwoven constitute a pleasant end.

Fragrance bottle to create a delicate soft atmosphere, echo the perfume itself passed the self-confidence and vitality. Bottleneck decorated with hand-tied cotton Ga Baadian ornaments, and inspiration from the classic coat on the buttons of the horn texture of light-colored caps, highlight the Bauberly fragrance of the iconic design elements, praise Thomas Burberry invented more than a hundred years ago Anti-rain fabric. My Burberry Blush Flower Fragrance 90ml, 50ml and 30ml will be a grand landing Burberry official website and the world’s specific Burberry boutiques and retail stores.

Like the first launch of My Burberry My Boberry Perfume, My Burberry My Bo Bo Li Eau De Toilette and My Burberry Black My Bo Bo Li black fragrance, the customer can through Burberry.com, designated boutique shops and wholesalers stores My Burberry My Bo Bo Li Fei Fei Fei perfume 90ml loaded with a private mark service, for the bottle engraved up to three names abbreviated letters.

With the new My Burberry my Bo Bo Li Fei Fei lady perfume co-listed, but also includes elegant pink and soft nude color series of new products. Including limited edition color plate, gently touch to create a flawless makeup, showing pink sweet luster. The delicate formula for the cheek presents a natural crimson luster, suitable for all skin color. Color plate easy to use, but also according to customer preferences and other products with the use.

Italian craftsman hand made burberry DK88

Burberry since the first time in the brand held in London in 2017 February fashion show launched DK88 package models, held in the global boutique series of activities to celebrate the collection of this section of the collection. Recently, the brand invited Italian craftsmen to come to Chengdu IFS international financial center boutiques, on-site manual interpretation of DK88 handle handbag exquisite details and craftsmanship to show the British timeless elegance.

DK88 package name from Burberry iconic fabric “honey color Gaibadian” fashion code, designed to praise the symbol of the brand core of the classic fabric. Leather exclusive selection of exclusive brand exclusive exclusive luxury Trench leather carefully built to windbreaker weave code on the timeliness of the British elegance, with colorful tones filled with new season vitality. The classic design of the package into the brand collection series, a new landmark products.

The series is designed in the UK London, Made in Italy. Which DK88 handle handle for the main style of the series, noble retro color design, dotted with large style lock and three-dimensional arc handle, the perfect interpretation of the meaningful and modern innovation of the thick British style.